Brad Anderson spent 36 years at Best Buy Company, retiring in 2009 as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vice Chairman.

He began his career with Best Buy in 1973 as a commissioned salesperson for Sound of Music, the precursor to Best Buy. The core of his legacy at Best Buy is best exemplified in its evolution from a product-centered company to a customer-centric one where customer needs dictate what and how products are sold.

Brad Anderson joined the JCN board as a director in October, 2018, and in March, 2021, was named the Executive Board Chair.


Edward H. Rensi, is the former CEO of a national quick-service restaurant chain.

During his 13-year term as president, this chain experienced phenomenal growth. U.S. sales doubled to more than $16 billion, the number of the U.S. restaurants grew from nearly 6,600 to more than 12,000, and the number of U.S. franchisees grew from 1,600 to more than 2,700. Over the years, Ed Rensi has been supportive of efforts like the National Hispanic Corporate Council Institute and the American National Red Cross.

The Coalition

Partners of the Boardroom Initiative include: the Legal Action Fund, a project of the Job Creators Network Foundation; 2ndVote; and the Free Enterprise Project. The current Co-Chairmen of the Boardroom Initiative is Ed Rensi, and Brad Anderson, two iconic American entrepreneurs and experienced leaders. Each coalition member will utilize their unique skills to drive our core goal.

The Legal Action Fund will spearhead all communication efforts—with everything from social media accounts to news interviews—helping to provide a voice for the proposals submitted, as well as purchasing stock of its own. 2ndVote will contribute through shareholder proposals within their list of portfolio companies. Free Enterprise will serve the initiative as the lead for policy and shareholder of advocacy.

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